Team building starts with breakfast

At Wörner, a good working atmosphere and strong team spirit are regarded as an important basis for motivated employees and thus ultimately for the success of the company. To further strengthen this, the management invited all employees to a joint breakfast shortly after Easter.

Denkendorf, April 2022 - With lockdown, short-time work and the gradual return to regular operations, the Corona pandemic also had a considerable impact on the team structure at Wörner. Under Corona conditions, the team was faced with a multitude of challenges from one moment to the next: From having to prove flexibility on a daily basis, to maintaining the flow of communication without immediate feedback, to maintaining the "we-feeling".

"We at Wörner have managed to transition well to crisis mode. Now it is important to process the experiences made and, building on this, to tackle the upcoming issues courageously and actively," reports Managing Director Stefan Jacob. The opportunity for this came shortly after Easter, when the management invited all employees to a joint breakfast. The workforce was visibly delighted to finally meet physically again and communicate with each other. It was also an opportunity for the new employees to get to know their colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere over pretzels and coffee.

"The joint breakfast is intended to further strengthen the 'we-feeling" and the cohesion among the employees. Informal and without an agenda, it offers valuable time for informal exchange among each other and also has the effect of starting the day with full power afterwards," says HR officer Claudia Föll-Laubengeiger. The employee breakfast was very well received and will probably not be the last of its kind at Wörner.