Advantages of the PN line

Price-conscious, durable and focused

It is not only the excellent price/performance ratio that distinguishes the PN-Line. Many other arguments of the PN-Line promise competitive advantages in the application and give investment security.


Novel, patented solution for simultaneous transmission of the lowering force and the air to reset the damping system at PND.


The core functions of a PND stopper, such as damped stopping of the workpiece carrier and lowering of the stop, have been implemented with forward-looking technologies. The integration of additional functions was deliberately omitted. In the rare cases where additional functions are required, suitable products from our portfolio are available.


Proven principles, such as optimum force transmission into the base housing via a pivot point (important for residual impacts), are incorporated in the design of the PN stoppers. Successful endurance tests (over 5 million cycles, individual components even up to 40 million cycles) demonstrate the durability of the PN line.


With the increased damping volume, the damping capacity also increases: instead of 60 kg with the comparable DBS-20/60 unit, the PND-67 stops up to a total mass of 65 kg (at 6 m/min).


By reducing the area of the lowering piston, the air consumption of the PND-67 is 10% lower than that of the comparable DBS-20/60 unit. This saves compressed air and thus reduces energy consumption.


Durch innovative Produktgestaltung sowie Konzentration auf das Wesentliche erreichen die Stopper der PN-Linie ein hervorragendes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis, schaffen Wettbewerbsvorteile und geben Investitionssicherheit.


Operating principle PND

  • Cutting-edge solution for air and lowering force transmission
  • Optimal transmission of force into the basic housing
    (important for residual strokes)
  • Damping force easily adjustable from top of the stopper