DRP, Anti-bounce stop, Pneumatic


Anti-bounce stop, Pneumatic

Functional description

Anti-bounce stops prevent the pallet from rebouncing from the separating stop after the stopping process. In reverse mode, the (accidental) reverse movement of the pallet is prevented. Pneumatically retractable backstops can be switched off depending on the operating mode of the system and therefore release a pallet for reverse transportation. The DRP-EA-ST version can be used as an undamped stopper that allows the pallet to be retracted in reverse mode.


  • simple installation
  • compact, sturdy design
  • cost-effective
  • especially receommended in low-friction conveying systems and when undamped stoppers are used
  • flexible use by optional integration of sensors to detect the position of the stop


  • stroke: 8 mm
  • prepared for inductive/electronic position sensor (I/E)
  • customer-specific solutions
  • various accessories

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