A stopper that just never stops

Together with Zhu Jun, the manager of our sales office in China, we are paying a visit to MCi Mirror Controls Co., Ltd., a customer of many years’ standing.

As we take a tour of the manufacturing facility, Mr. Zhu draws our attention to a number of Wörner stoppers that have been in operation at MCi for more than ten years. We ask the technical manager, how easy it is to obtain spare parts. His face betrays his surprise at the question. His response: “Spare parts? We have never needed any.”

It is a situation we often encounter: Because quality and quality assurance are the bedrock of our lasting success

Customers who choose Wörner components are consciously choosing reliable, low-maintenance and highly durable products. Products that offer dependable operation and precision. And it is a choice that makes sound business sense.

Our manufacturing processes are certified to ISO 9001 and environmental protection standard ISO 14001. Each and every part is made in Germany and tested prior to shipment.


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Our Products and Services

Our exhaustive range contains products for all common transfer and assembly systems. We can supply the ideal product for every stopping and positioning task across many different industrial sectors!

The portfolio includes undamped and damped separating stops (stopper), as well as angle dampers, index-cylinders and anti-bounce stops – available both with pneumatic and electromechanical drives.

In addition to our proven standard products, we offer a variety of custom-built special solutions. Just contact us if your project involves special requirements and requires a specific solution!

We also offer an extensive range of accessories to accompany our products. For details, please refer to the data sheet of the relating product.

New products

With its compact and robust design, the DRE combines three different functions in just one device.

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