Overview of the Wörner product system

1 The basic products differ in their scope of application, primarily in terms of the maximum pallet weight that can be stopped.

2 The product variants – i.e. the products that can be ordered – are determined by selecting the required technical characteristics, for example in terms of lowering stroke, function, temperature range, or stop plate design.

The Wörner order code

You can identify the product variant that is right for your application by consulting the relevant basic product data sheet. You can choose between the variants defined there, for example on the basis of the lowering stroke, function, temperature range or stop plate design.

We would be delighted to assist you in choosing your product variant or by developing a custom product tailor-made for your application. The example illustrates the composition of the order code for a pneumatically driven, damped separating stop of type DBS-20/60.

*      on request
[1]   only for normal temperature range
[2]   will be assigned accordingly