ELD-65 and ELD-190

The new electrically damped Wörner stoppers are here!

The all-new Wörner stoppers ELD-65 and ELD-190 place one or multiple pallets in a defined position and clear them individually for downstream transportation. The integrated, infinitely adjustable and proven air-damping system allows gentle stopping. The position of the stop plates (i.e. open or closed) can be detected through already integrated sensors.

Compared to pneumatic stoppers with similar performance ratings, the new stoppers ELD-65 and ELD-190 offer a higher efficiency and lower operating cost, due to their electromechanical power unit. The complete omission of the pneumatic system eases the installation, the noise emission of the stoppers is very low and start-up and service are simplified by integrated diagnostic tools. The two stoppers use an innovative procedure (patent pending) for resetting the stop plate in its initial position after an enclosed cycle, which results in lower product costs.

The two stoppers are equipped with a plastic stop plate and can be used for pallet weights up to 65 kg (ELD-65) resp. 190 kg (ELD-190).

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