Wörner-Stopper successfully used in SIGMA transfer systems from Rodotec for years !

Rodotec offers individual transfer system solutions and has been successfully using innovative Wörner stoppers for years.

Many suppliers of transfer systems only offer their customers standard components. Rodotec, on the other hand, offers optimized and individual solutions, that are perfectly adapted to the customer and has been successfully using innovative stopper solutions from Wörner for years.

The SIGMA transfer system from Rodotec is available in 7 system sizes and thus offers the right system for every product. No control or actuation is required in curves and the simple, modular design with high reusability speaks for itself. In addition, the transfer system can be flexibly expanded and is equipped with a robust drive chain. Thanks to the extremely low wear, the system has a very long service life compared to other transfer systems. Rodotec offers its customers perfectly adapted modules, such as a 32° diversion, which can be easily assembled. Learn more about the transfer system on the SIGMA website.

Wörner has been supplying stopper solutions for the individual automation systems of Rodotec, a company based in Switzerland, for several years. Years of cooperation have made Wörner the ideal partner for the individual solutions of Rodotec.