D0-200 - Cost-effective compact stopper for single-track transport systems

With its extremely compact design the D0-200 is particularly suitable for horizontal installation in single-track systems.

Stopping, positioning, lifting and releasing a pallet in closed profiles for single-track systems poses a particular challenge because there is little space for the necessary components. We have the perfect solution for you: The D0-200 with its extremely compact design is suitable for horizontal installation in closed single-track profiles.

Even with single-acting operation, the device has an extremely high holding force, and with double-acting operation, the stopper enables even higher holding forces. Customer-specific stop plate geometries for different pallets ensure optimum power transmission, tailored to your requirements.

Learn more about our price-optimized compact stopper in the product video or read more in our flyer. For technical details you can also download the data sheet.

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