DRP-EA-ST - Our flexible 3-in-1 stopper solution

Flexible stopper solution with three functions in one device, reducing your product variety and stock.

The new DRP-EA-ST offers you the optimal solution to reliably stop a pallet in forward operation without hindering it in reverse operation. Our versatile stopper solution combines three functions in a single device, which can be used individually or in combination. The unit can be used as an undamped stopper, but when mounted reversely, it also serves as a classic anti-bounce stop. In a third application, the unit is used as a normal stopper in forward operation. Now the pallet can be moved backwards, e.g. for revision or testing purposes, and simply drives over the DRP-EA-ST without any pneumatic support. Thus our new product solution reduces your product variety and the necessary stock.

See for yourself and learn more about our 3-in-1 stopper solution in our flyer or product video.

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