Innovative and efficient electric stoppers mady by Wörner

  • much more efficient and lower operating costs than comparable pneumatic systems
  • easy to control and quick to install
  • Successful deployment in a wide variety of industrial sectorsc

Successful deployment in a wide variety of industrial sectors


Wörner has decades of experience and excellent industry know-how

Often the challenge is in the details. So strong expertise is required when it comes to solving tricky tasks in the material flow control. We provide our know-how: On the following pages you will find comprehensive technical notes on the design of a stop point, information about the Wörner product system and the Wörner order code, a glossary of key terms and an extensive download area.

With our experience, we accompany you in partnership – take advantage of our deep product and industry expertise. Should there any questions remain, please contact us for our technical consulting services  - by phone or at your site.

Technical article/Whitepaper

Stoppers/separating stops are often mounted laterally to the carrier profiles of conveyors, due to numerous associated advantages. In unfavorable cases, however, high forces have to be transferred from the housing of the stopper into the profile with that mounting. Steel sleeves, such as used by Wörner for a long time, have proven to be a good solution for improving the transmission of force between housing and profile.   

These steel sleeves are installed directly at the screw connection as form-fitting elements. Under unfavorable operating conditions, the force transmission can be significantly improved by the use of specially shaped fittings that offer an optimized positive fit. The all-new multi-part version developed by Wörner offers particulary benefits.

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