Custom-built Solutions

In addition to our proven basic products we offer tailor-made solutions that are precisely adapted to your specific requirements. In fact, our products are in most cases customized solutions! Examples can be found on this page.

Please contact us if your project involves special needs and requires a specific solution!



Undamped separating stop for separating long, thin workpieces and/or pallets. Synchronous lowering possible via a connecting shaft. 


With integrated anti-bounce stop designed to keep the pallet in position after the damping operation. A sealed cover that travels simultaneously with the damping unit protects the device against dirt and aggressive liquids. The solution also includes a retracted stop sensor (damping completed but mechanism still locked) and makes it possible to lock the stop in the lower position. Ideally suited for use in harsh environments, e.g. when linking machining centers in the automotive industry.


The unit has a special additional function: The pallet can run over it in the direction opposite to the actual conveyor direction. As a result, the stopping point is disabled in the reverse direction.


The unit is equipped with an electrical connection with an 8-pin M12 x1 plug. It also possesses a pass-over sensor to make it possible to determine whether the pallet has actually moved out of the stopping point after being cleared. 


The unit possesses an integrated anti-bounce stop designed to keep the pallet in position after the damping operation. It is also pre-assembled with pre-adjusted clamping holders designed for the installation of inductive sensors to determine the stop positions. 


This unit is equipped with a special stop. 


This unit was designed as a round construction in contrast to our usual index cylinders. It is also equipped with an integrated cover.


This unit possesses a different housing geometry: increased height, recesses at the side, and threaded holes at the bottom of the case to permit fastening from below.