Our versatile specialist

Schmid Maschinenbau GmbH needed separating stops that could be lowered electrically, and that were capable of stopping pallets approaching from two directions.

The specialists at Schmid and Wörner put their heads together, and came up with an idea that evolved into the DEL-350-S2. It took just eight exciting weeks of creative collaboration for the concept to a finished product. Since then, the stopper has become an integral part of our product portfolio, and is now frequently deployed in Schmid transfer systems.

The development and manufacture of innovative custom solutions

The Wörner DEL-350-S2 two-sided stopper with integrated sensors and anti-bounce stops is highly versatile: Pallets can approach and exit from and in two different directions and are precisely positioned. We welcome the chance to put our skills to the test with this and similar tasks: We are your partner for the design and manufacture of tailor-made stopper solutions for automated production. With our experience and expertise, we can advise you every step of the way – before, during and after your project.


Outstanding performance through Wörner’s unique portfolio of products and services

Our exhaustive range contains products for all common transfer and assembly systems. We can supply the ideal product for every stopping and positioning task across many different industrial sectors!

The portfolio includes undamped and damped separating stops, as well as angle dampers, index-cylinders and anti-bounce stops – available both with pneumatic and electromechanical drives.

In addition to our proven standard products, we offer a variety of custom-built special solutions. Just contact us if your project involves special needs and requires a specific solution!

We also offer an extensive range of accessories to accompany our products. For details, please refer to the data sheet of the relating product.

Sometimes it can be tricky to identify the right product for a specific task from the very extensive Wörner portfolio, and to find the best solution in terms of costs. Take advantage of our deep product and industry expertise - we are happy to help!

Wörner products are reliable, easy to maintain and extremely durable. If after many years a product shows signs of wear, it is always possible to repair it. We analyze the needs for repair, create a cost estimate and perform the repair after being released.